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Today 02.07.2022

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Marine | 29.04.2013 | 21:20 | #2
    Hi Beo!
    I met you via The Sims Resource (I love this site), I just found your site and I want to encourage you to continue ...
    I love your work, it is neat and clean, very nice and has a good record in the game
    I'm glad to be the first to leave a trace here

    Just a detail: I am French, and I have not yet mastered English, so I'm sorry for the mistakes...

    Thank you

    BEO answered:Hi, Marine! Thank you very much. Your feedback first, and so it is more valuable to me.
    I'm Russian, and my English is also far from perfect. :-)

BEO | 19.04.2013 | 00:10 | #1
    I wanted my own website so long and finally it happened! I made a website from start to finish own without any help. This is my first experience!
    I hope the result will not disappoint you very much. If you find any bugs, do not scold me for them much. In any case, I will try to correct the deficiencies.

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